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The Ultimate Luddite Movie

If you have watched Eagle Eye like me in a cinema, you’ve been probably drained by the rush of excitement taking you at the edge of your seat. I fortunately watched this film in a new cinema in SM City Marikina, where quite a few watched it. I’m here to tell you why this is a movie really worth watching, especially if you want that geeky brain to feel a rush of cold water.

Imagine opening your ATM, and you find out that you have $700,000.00 in your account. Surprised, you take some of the money (which is A LOT) and then going back to your tiny little shabby apartment only to be surprised by the packages inside your abode. You open them, and you find you have some guns of different sizes, ammos and other military stuff, and then later your mobile phone rings. “You have 15 seconds Jerry Shaw to leave the premises…” and suddenly all those things that the voice is saying will be a total blur as you’d probably resort to panic. Seconds later, the FBI crashes on your window and arrest you.

That’s probably the short intro to “Eagle Eye” starring Shia LaBeouf (I still see him as Even Stevens). I can’t tell you the rest of the story because I don’t want to spoil you with the experience but rest assured this is highly recommended especially if you want to be paranoid with every form of technology. There’s an advice there advices tells everyone that cellphones can be tracked by the FBI just be merely turning it on. They can hear you through the phone’s microphone and so the best thing to protect your privacy is to turn it off and remove the battery.

All I can say is the story is action-packed, witty, and the director is most probably a geek. The tension in the story builds up as the thought provoking questions rush into you after the film: Is freedom worth sacrificing for security? The limits of logic of the machines and the flaw of being human when it comes to right and wrong is the meat of this cinematic experience. The scarier part of this is that we’re nearer to this futuristic possibility than ever before.

I’m not encouraging you to be a Luddite, but the whole film makes sense, coupled with breathtaking action packed scenes and paranoia.

I highly recommend this film with Die Hard 4, and Wall-E. 😀



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  1. hello resplendent. i too watched that movie in sm marikina and another nearby mall well because it’s near home. i don’t get why so many critics bash this movie. actually, there’s this false illusion of some depth and some originality that these critics want to see but they can’t get past that. anyhow…

    eagle eye may strike someone as some shallow action popcorn flick. i agree, it has action, it has old school explosions (the die hard meets a bit of spielberg’s latest action flicks) and it does give just a right amount of redemption. to me, it raises a lot of fundamental questions that i hope i need not answer at any point in my life. there is always this exchange going on. there is the exchange of privilege in an instant for a life of uncertainty, more of a blinking moment of uncertainty. there is this exchange of an old life in doubt and down for a life of risks and worldly glories. but in this world, a lot of things come with a price — the material costs. a million dollar account comes with the burden of sleepless nights knowing where it came from and for what reason. all the guns and bangs in the world could not safeguard him from what he does not see and what controls him. all youth could not outrun what is set before you — a long journey down and you realize you have to pay the ultimate sacrifice. oh well, don’t want to spoil as well.

    no matter how the movie may celebrate randomness and chaos out of some attempt to control, i see the higher control here. you can’t have enough moves, the know-how, not enough troubles in life to go beyond what controls us. and it’s a nice thing to know that unlike the movie, things can go our way if we do more than just flow with it with all our weight.

    October 4, 2008 at 7:57 am

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